Tenerife Moda from Cabildo presents in Madrid its proposals for the 2017 autumn-winter season

This is a promotional activity for brands to make themselves known in the national and international scene, with a total of 15 companies of Tenerife.

Tenerife- 05/17/2016. A representation of the textile sector program Tenerife Moda, which is promoted by the Cabildo in Madrid, composed of 15 firms, presents from this Tuesday [17], until the 19th, its proposals for the 2017 autumn-winter season . The event will take place at the press office of SHM Bentabol, at Fortaleza, from 10.30 until 17.00 hours. This promotional action is organized to publicize the collections of each season and the appointment gathers a large group of stylists and major fashion magazines on the national scene, as well as other guests related with the sector whom can purchase clothes and sell them in multibrand and single branded shops.

The insular Minister of Employment, Industry, Trade and Economic Development, Efrain Medina, highlights the great representation that is today in Madrid, which is “an example of the fulfillment of the objectives of Tenerife Moda, which is the promotion of firms that compose it. This implies a boost to be known the quality and originality of our designs for next autumn-winter at first hand .”

Medina also points out that “this initiative will make possible the emergence of new markets ahead of the new season with a major media coverage, which is essential to publicize and communicate the brands and product proposals made in the island.”

Jewelry and accessories.

Magdala. In this new collection Magdala suggests a more modern and contemporary view within the surreal and art-deco style of the designer Schiaparelli, migration of insects such as crickets, bees, beetles, butterflies, dragonflies flies and cockroaches, that disappear this season into cracks seeking refuge. It incorporates satin lace , suede and suede braid, giving it a more casual and edgy air. And the main elements of the collection are dyed agate geodes and edged with Swarovskis and multi-colored stones. Colours are rich and intense as peach, Prussian blue, jade green, purple, yellow chrysanthemum, magenta and blue oil.


Juan Gil  presents a collection that claims the use of other forms and textures in jewelry, using materials such as nacre, brass, copper, wood and silver. A coherent and stable relationship, aimed at the awakening of new sensations.

Imagen Juan Gil

Nok. In this new collection Europe and Africa shake hands, forming a collage with wood, seeds, baroque pearls, crafted handmade bronzes and colorful crystals that define its essence. The pieces are created to feel dressed with just wearing them.

Imagen Nok

Silver Point. minimalist pieces, delicate geometric compositions, where the circular and square shapes are mixed up in the collection. The jewels are in vermeil gold, of high quality, with 925 silver as a base, and a finishing in 18 carat yellow gold, pink or rhodium. They bet for necklaces and matching earrings with semiprecious particular stones, such as white agate and onyx, and delicate rings that can be put on in any occasio

Imagen Silver Point

Namaste. For this collection they opt for the evolution of watches, creating models full of character and personality, while maintaining high quality standards. Thus, in the range of Namaste watches, elegance and design go together to form proposals with singularity that makes them stand out. And the Sixth Sense watches are loaded with personality and with an unmistakable touch of style.

Imagen Namaste

Footwear and Bags

Alilovesyou.These are inspired bags made with rich materials such as leather and hide. High quality products are selected for their manufacturing, with exceptional colours, and accessories and high-end fittings treated with a gold finishing.

Dandy. Their collection aims for unique and more comfortable pieces. Trends focus on prints with warm base in contrasting colors. This creates funny and cool textures, remember that everything is constantly changing. The cold winter period is not incompatible with the colors that make life more joyful and humane.


Juan Carlos Armas presents his new proposal for celebrations and ceremonies 2017 under the title ‘Fado’, which reflects a real romance between music and fashion. A journey through the melody of luxury craftsmanship with high-quality materials that blend into a sea of emotions full of thoughtful details and visual effects, always ending in elegant and sophisticated designs. Transparencies and translucent designs make this collection a poetic bet and the volumes, overlapped, create a perfect harmony for brides looking for a romantic design and stylish looks. In this line, tissues harmonized between lace, peasant, tulle and silk, which are mixed between textures, embroidery and flare. Bodies tight and a very elaborated back. The colour palette emerges as a melody full of creativity, with broken white, nude tones and dusty pink.

Imagen Juan Carlos Armas

Diseños Amarca. Its new bridal collection takes its name from ‘Belladonna’ and is inspired by the Victorian era, with vintage dresses always faithful to floral embroidery with contemporary and modern designs, rich in the details . Combines such disparate fabrics like silk tulle or French lace  chantilly with more rigid as mikados and natural silks, reaching a set of very suggestive volumes. Sophisticated and delicately hand crafted dresses  , of bloused bodies and lantern sleeves that taper to the wrist, with marked details that stylized the silhouette, lace and entredoses with high collars. Ivory dresses with gold details.

Imagen Amarca


Oh Soleil! on the proposal for this season we can see two different lines: for girls from 2 to 12 years and secondly, teens, available from 12 to 18 years. While dresses are the main star for the smaller, the brand offers tops, long and short skirts, palazzo pants, oversized point knitted sweaters and jackets on a clear set of volumes. It also expands its collection of accessories, consisting of scarves, hats and foulards to offer a total look.

Imagen Oh Soleil


Lucas Balboa. His new proposal, ‘Vamos a Eton a Florecer’ (Let’s go flourish to Eton), is a return to the style of British tailoring, rigorous but softened by details, clean cuts and always with a semi-fitted figure without drowning the man’s body, comfort and timelessness . They are three-piece suits with Bloombergs pants; double-breasted suits, coats and jackets in their natural height; some layers in clear allusion to the King’s College and centurial layers; suits for the night; dressing gowns and robes in velvet or silk. He proposes a palette of colors like misty veiled gray, soft slate, gray rat, gray camouflage, mixtures with marsala and maroon, very deep dark blue, lavender, almond, chestnut tones and dark greens mixtures. The fabrics in the collection invite to the elegant, formal and serious ways but always of good quality thanks to the wool, mouflon, Granites, silks, velvets and rayon among others, that help characterize the man with elegance.Imagen Lucas Balboa


Trama Textil. It offers a collection in white, black, red; the original colours. Gold and silver to shine at night. Threads that intertwine the time and let it pass. Wool, cotton and silk; Lurex and tulle. The pieces in the collection succeed, as in the story of life; from tribal to contemporary.

Imagen Trama Textil

Claudia Kurzweil. With her collection ‘Pure nature’ it offers contrasts between the warmth of materials such as felted wool, wood and leather, among others, and metal. The organic forms of nature like the geometry of objects are attached to a range of very natural and harmonious colours. The off-white, mustard, and the authenticity of different shades of untreated hardwoods are one of the trends this new collection.

Imagen Claudia Kurzweil

Agostina Santini. With her collection ‘360’ she proposes curved lines and angles. Among the materials is again the protagonist glass and copper wires. Silver follows a process that marks the contrast of red, dark blue, green and combinations of soft colors mosaic. It highlights needle brooches for men and women.

Imagen Agostina Santini

Redisian. Sport models that relate to different sports, with innovative and colourful designs. It surprises with an innovative blend of sustainability and technology. These are fashion accessories for women and men of today.

Redisain Portada Moda

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