Edgar Magdalena wins the Council’s IV Photography Tenerife Moda Contest

Juanmy Alemany was chosen second in an edition attended by a total of 24 fashion professionals.

Tenerife- 03/12/2015. Edgar Magdalena has won the fourth Tenerife Fashion Photography Competition, organized by the Cabildo of Tenerife to promote creative work related to fashion. In second place was Juanmy Alemany. The winning image is awarded with 2.000 euros and a trophy. The first runner gets 1.000 euros and also a trophy. This year, the event’s theme was ‘Fashion and Sea’.

The jury, composed of professionals from different fields, made their decision during a meeting this past 12 of march at the Cabildo after a long deliberation, given the high quality of the images of the 20 finalists . In total there were submitted to this edition 142 photographs, works of 24 professionals from Tenerife who participated in accordance with the technical and artistic criteria established on the contest rules.

The economic vice president and insular Minister of Employment, Economic Development and External Affairs Efrain Medina, was pleased with the impact of this year’s competition and with the excellent quality of the photographs presented, which have shown the great creativity that exists amongst the professionals  of the Island “. He said that in “Tenerife we have magnificent specialized photographers in fashion, as has been demonstrated in successive calls of this event in which they have been awarded Alfonso Bravo, Airam Abella and Aythami Gerardo Valido”.

The Jury
The jury appointed to decide the verdict of the IV Photography Contest Tenerife Moda was formed by Daniel Pagés (designer of the Carnival); María Anastasia Díaz Ramón  (craftswoman); Aythami Gerardo Valido and Alberto Miranda (photographers, winner and finalist of the previous contest); Franko (stylist and hairdresser); Yeray Casquero (stylist and entrepreneur); Antonio Rosales (director of Showroom Magazine); Rita Calero (editor of the magazine MásMujer); Alicia Pérez (expert in social networks) and David Pérez (Department of Economic Development Cabildo). Also participating as jurors, the manager of the Insular Crafts Company, Ricardo Cólogan; Director of Fair Trade Facility, Jonay López; the director of Tenerife Moda, José Eugenio Sánchez Giusepe; Coral Malfaz, an expert in social networks; Mark Zafra, creator of ‘I love Santa Cruz’; Jorge Juan García-Padrón Pérez, manager of Citröen Cars Tenerife, and Mapril Hernández, of Tenerife Moda.

Juanmy Alemany, Enrique Tapia, Mónica Lavera Hernández, Juan Andrés Hernández Velázquez, Edgar Magdalena Méndez, Javier Velasco, Aleksei Ivanov and Magdalena Pierwocha.

The aim of this competition is to promote the artistic work related to fashion, encourage work and creativity, both professional and amateur, and give them an opportunity to exhibit their work in a showcase. Therefore, photographs finalists will be announced in various exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

Also, the images will be exhibited in the marquees of the tram and will become part of the archive of the  Tenerife Film department Commission, which manages Turismo de Tenerife for foreign companies to have have  information about the professionals  selected in this edition.

View gallery of IV Tenerife Fashion Photography Contest

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