The Cabildo conducts the Third Conference of Tenerife Moda professionals from 16 to 19 of April.

The economic vice president also announced the  Competition of Young Designers of Tenerife.

The act will take place at the Recinto Ferial, a venue with 750 square meters.

Tenerife- 03/13/2015. The vice president of Employment, Economic Development and External Affairs of the Cabildo, Efrain Medina, introduced the Third Conference of Tenerife Moda Professionals 2015, hosted at the Recinto Ferial from 16 to 19 April. It will take place, among other important activities, the Competition of Young Designers of Tenerife. In this great event in the world of fashion 100 companies will be involved. For this event the Cabildo will prepare a space of 750 square meters which can accommodate 650 people.

Efraín Medina noted, coinciding with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the launch of Tenerife Moda program, the council has proposed converting Tenerife in the Island of Fashion. “We will make this macro event that will be national and international demand, and where disciplines as diverse as Rosetta and expressions of urban art will go hand in hand.” Similarly, emerging designers will participate to join the Tenerife Moda collective .

This announcement was also attended by Director of Exhibitions and Events of Recinto Ferial, Jonay Lopez, Tenerife Fashion designers, Maria Diaz M & M, and the manager of Citroen – Autos insulares, Jorge Juan García-Padrón Pérez.

In the course of the event the manager of Citroën, Jorge Juan García-Padrón Pérez, whose organization has been involved with supporting this event – signed of a cooperation agreement between the brand and the Cabildo.

The event is aimed at the brands, fashion companies, designers, professionals in the textile sector in general, independent designers, design firms, advertising and art, alternative clothing shops, and men and women between 16 and 60 interested in fashion and art.

Efraín Medina highlighted also the presence at the conference of all artisans of Tenerife Moda, “some of whom have participated with great success in national and international Shows” and space Urban Tenerife, which will be devoted to the trendiest fashion, with more urban  and independent fashing stands. They will offer urban art with fashion as a reference. ”

During the four-day celebration of the conference, the premises of the Recinto will be divided in two distinct areas: specific area (Area Tenerife Moda, Craft Space and Fashion Photography Space and Urban Tenerife), and common area (Catwalk, Media and Emprende Moda).

VII Young Designers of Tenerife Contest.

The main goal of this contest is to encourage the emergence of new values in fashion design and textile manufacturing, and encourage them so they can start their career in the field of fashion design. So, this year, the Young Designers Contest Tenerife acquired a national character and a commitment to creative talent. There may participate, therefore, young artists between 18 and 35 years.

The catwalk of Young Designers of Tenerife Contest will be on April 16th at the Recinto Ferial premises in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This event will mark the beginning of the Third Conference of Fashion Professionals. The exhibition of the collections of the finalists will be made with a carefully staged by a dramatic combination of light, sound, audiovisual performances and interactivity.

Third Conference of Fashion Professionals

This conference marks the ‘ Tenerife Moda Open Days’, from 17 to 19 April. This is the presentation and advancing proposals of the  Tenerife Moda collections for spring summer 2015. Collections that were already presented in different fashion Shows in the world (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Paris, Moscow , Bogota, Mexico and Dubai, among others). Covering the different representative areas of the sector: children’s fashion, jewelery, watches, accessories, women, bridal, celebration and ceremonies.

Brands and designers of Tenerife Moda

Companies, brands and designers belonging to Tenerife Moda will display their collections and put them on sale. The III Conference of Fashion Professionals  will be linked to a fair where companies and the  collective of designers will directly sell the collections presented on the catwalk.

Crafts and fashion.

In The III Conference of Fashion Professionals craftsmanship is of particular relevance. Thus, the artisans will have a specific space to show their work and sell directly, and will again be present at this conference, up to the catwalk with their new collections. It is to be noted that these artisans are yet consolidated in the program of Tenerife Moda, opening new marketing channels and going to the most important fairs of accessories and jewelry in Europe and Momad Metropolis in Madrid.

IV Tenerife Moda Photography Contest

On the occasion of the conference a selection of the winning photographs in the three editions of photography competitions organized by Tenerife Moda will be presented during the three days of celebration,

The exhibition will feature images of many canarian photographers specialized in fashion. This traveling exhibition has already been shown in TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes and Casa de Canarias in Madrid and will also be displayed in important exhibitions of fashion photography in Paris.


The ‘Networking’ is performed during the Third Conference of Tenerife Moda professionals to promote contact between the finalists of Tenerife Moda Photography and companies that provide related services to the photographic industry. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, agents, advertising companies and creation so they can see first hand the work done in the Canaries and, thus, establish relationships with the industry professionals.

The Recinto Ferial premises will become a space for communication and contact between companies that locates new customers, suppliers and partners. It is therefore one of the strategic lines of the Cabildo which is to promote entrepreneurship and job creation. This activity is part of the Insular Plan for Entrepreneurship, which aims to promote the economic development on the island.

Retrospective exhibition of Young Designers Contest of Tenerife

On the occasion of the Commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Tenerife Moda all visitors to the III Professional Days of Fashion Tenerife we will have the opportunity to enjoy a retrospective of the most significant designs that have been presented in the previous six editions of the Competition Young Designers of Tenerife.

The entrance to the precint will be dressed in gala with mannequins that will show prototypes of the most exclusive designs that have arisen over the years in different editions.

Urban Space Tenerife

The Tenerife Professional Days of Fashion have a space dedicated to the latest trends, with stalls of the most urban and independent shops. They offer urban art with fashion as a reference.


One of the main strengths of this edition of the Conference will be training, which is in the hands of professionals in the fashion industry. In the duration of the event there will be roundtables, lectures, and other training events aimed at the brands involved, businesses of Tenerife Moda and the general public.

Tenerife Moda Project

Tenerife Moda is a program launched by the City Council (Cabildo) in 1995. It was created by the Department of Economic Development, Trade and Employment to promote industrial development, encourage the creation of new jobs, and stimulate levels of competitiveness, productivity and technological development.

Tenerife Moda is composed by a group of companies, designers and brands currently present on the market, supporting new entrepreneurs and thus ensuring a level of quality and competitiveness in all brands.

El proyecto ha crecido con el paso de los años, y una prueba de ello son las empresas que han decidido formar parte de Tenerife Moda. Cuenta con 46 empresas y 50 marcas, 10 sectores, 9 empresas en fase de observación y 5 talleres a terceros. Todos juntos constituyen una suma de talento, intuición, imaginación, inspiración  y de trabajo industrial, empresarial y financiero  especializado.

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