“Susurros de amor” (whispers of love) from Amarca. New collection 2024.

For 2024, Amarca channels the essence of romanticism in Whispers of Love.

The designs that make up this new collection are imbued with the most romantic essence of Amarca, expressed in silk tulles, crepes or cold wools, with silhouettes that enhance the beauty of the female body through pleats and embroidery made in a completely handmade way.

Soft sparkles that evoke the beauty of a starry night, and a palette of elegant colours that encapsulate the purity of love, where white or powdery pinks share the limelight with others of marked personality, such as plum tones, also present in this collection.

With Whispers of Love, Amarca transports us to an elegance that tells the atmosphere of an eternal romance.

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