Calle San Agustín, 15. 38201. La Laguna
+34 922 445 715

The store of TEA point of sale of craftsmanship and fashion with some Tenerife Moda firms to open in Santa Cruz.

A wide variety of products from artisans and firms attached to the program Tenerife Moda and Emprendemoda from the Cabildo find in this wide and bright store the perfect showcase for marketing.

Contemporary jewelry, fusion of tradition and innovation, or expression of the art of recycling from designers and craftsmen have a place in this commercial space. Examples of these are the jewels of Juan Gil, Carmen Diaz, Silver Point, Marta Moore, Nok, MCM, Magdala, Nerea Murillo, Joyas Caladas or Malamata; Textile fashion collections such as Mefaldas Tú, Alejandra Verdant, María Hurtado, swimwear like The Know Company, and womens swimwear like Kalisy.

For the Council’s vice-president, Efraín Medina, “there are already many points of sale of articles from Tenerife Moda and Emprendemoda in the city. The store located in TEA is a strategic space in Santa Cruz, which has articles from the fomentation and promotion of the textile industry, Tenerife Moda and its entrepreneurship program. Likewise, Medina recalls that the companies of Tenerife Moda are expanding commercially throughout the national panorama and many of them are expanding internationally and even consolidating abroad ”

The access to TEA is possible from different parts of the city, accessing through the building, connecting the upper part of the Serrador Bridge with the lower boundary of the edge of the ravine of Santos. However, its most direct access is from San Sebastián Avenue, opposite the Nuestra Señora de África Market.

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