Tenerife Cabildo Fashion opts for the awards for business excellence, Prenamo, with four brands

The vice president, Efrain Medina, announced today the nominees for this national award: Agostina Santini, DV Bisutería, Maru and Arena negra.

Tenerife – 13/08/2015. The man in charge of Employment, Trade, Industry and Economic Development of the Cabildo, Efrain Medina, presented Thursday [13th] the four companies of the Tenerife Moda collective who have been nominated for the national award for business excellence, Prenamo. Three of them, Agostina Santini, DV Bisutería and Maru, competing for the prize in accesories, and Arena Negra, in swimwear.

The four firms, which are integrated in the field of crafts and fashion of Tenerife Moda are among the candidates to be awarded by the New and Young Designers Association, ANDE. The aim of these awards is to publicize their business career in fashion and services that revolve around it, and serve as a reference for young entrepreneurs.

Note that three of the four firms are made by craftsmen who gradually have been emerging with the help of the Cabildo, through their participation in events such as the fashion conference for professionals in Tenerife, or MoMad in Madrid. With this jump to the catwalks new venues have opened for marketing their products.

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