Tenerife Moda from Cabildo to participate in Momad Shoes with the firm Abraham Zambrana Shoes

The firm Abraham Zambrana Shoes, from Tenerife Moda from Cabildo, participates from 22nd to 24th of September in the International Footwear and Accessories Fair Momad Shoes, which takes place at the Feria de Madrid. It goes to the capital of Spain with modern and innovative designs, with basic saturated colors, simple and elegant typographic composition with a recognizable and differentiable brand identity.

The economic Vice-president and Insular Counselor of Employment, Commerce, Industry and Socioeconomic Development, Efraín Medina, augurs “much success to Abraham Zambrana in his visit to Momad Shoes, as he comes with a bold and contemporary visual identity that breaks with the traditional graphic codes “. “It is another example of the boom experienced by the fashion sector and the accesories of the island, which translates into greater commercialization.”


Abraham Zambrana Shoes works with the best quality materials. Thus, he selects the leather of the best tanneries in the world. The manufacture of one of his shoes is made by master craftsmen in a thorough manner, who take care of every detail of the process. They are sewn with the Goodyear technique, synonymous of guarantee, durability and comfort that obtains a shoe that will adapt to the way of walking of each owner during its use. The soles of the shoes are tanned in a natural way, which gives a greater resistance to abrasion and wear.



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