The council chooses the finalists of the 8th edition of the Young Designers Contest

The jury selected this Tuesday 26th, the five finalists competing for the prize

Tenerife- 26/01/2016. The jury appointed to select finalists of the VIII Young Designers Contest, organized by the Council of Tenerife through the Economic Development Area, has elected Tuesday evening [26] five young talents among participants. They have been presented at this year’s event. The economic vice president, Efrain Medina emphasized the high quality of the designs and “the difficult task that has had the jury to designate the finalists”.

The elected, who showed their designs on the 17th March at the International Trade Fair and Congress Center of Tenerife are: Miguel Ángel Ibáñez Ramírez (Barcelona), Beatriz Galván de la Rosa (Tenerife), Sara Reyes Rello (Barcelona), Sergio Parrales Mejías (Sevilla) and Rosanna Giammarino (Tenerife).

The jury in charge of taking the decision was formed by Juan Castañeda, stylist; Sedomir Rodríguez de la Sierra, designer; Alfonso Boullón Sabin, director of Escuela de Arte Fernando Estévez; Gregorio Hernández Pérez, director of CIFP Las Indias; Natanael Padrón, sociologist; Lourdes Santana Navarro, regional director of Radio Club Tenerife; Armando Pinedo, director of communication CIO-Company of Western Islands; Teresa Correa, an official of Cabildo of Tenerife; Juan del Cristo Pereira, head of service of Cabildo of Tenerife; Ricardo Cólogan, manager of the Insular Company of Crafts; José E. Sánchez Giusepe, director of Tenerife Moda; Joel Amaro Estévez, graphic designer; Dulce Xerach Pérez López, chairwoman of Círculo de Bellas Artes; María Díaz and Marco Marrero, designers; Blas Hernández,  Jiu Jitsu European Champion; Isabel Méndez, secretary, and Efraín Medina, President of the jury.

When making the selection, the jury paid special attention to originality, quality and creativity of the designs submitted, as well as innovation and adaptability to the market and its commercial viability. After the meeting, Efrain Medina emphasized that “this contest has been consolidated on the national scene, and represents a business opportunity for these young designers, since the winners in previous editions show their work with the greatest designers of spanish fashion. ”

Medina pointed out that “the main objective of this contest is to promote the emergence of new values in the design of fashion and textiles. We aim to encourage all young designers so they can get started in the field of fashion design and thereby support the textile and clothing industry, which has established itself as a strong and dynamic sector. ”

Here are the galleries of this year’s elected finalists:

Miguel Ángel Ibáñez Ramírez

Beatriz Galvan de la Rosa

Sara Rello Reyes

Sergio Parrales Mejías

Rosanna Giammarino

Beatriz Galvan de la Rosa3.3

Rosanna Giammarino0008Sara Rello Reyes0003

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