Presentation of the labels ‘Diseñado en España’ (Designed in Spain) and ‘Hecho en España’ (Made in Spain) for the Tenerife Moda brands

Tenerife – 25/11/2015. The companies of the Cabildo’s Tenerife Moda Collective have the possibility to use two new identification labels of the brand ModaEspaña (platform to which it belongs for several years now), that have been created to group and distinguish in the market those products from the textile industry in this country, “Diseñado en España” (‘Designed in Spain’) and “Hecho en España” (‘Made in Spain’).

Through the use of these labels, which are clearly visible in accredited products, consumers can distinguish ‘Designed in Spain’, if a hot item belongs to a Spanish company, and with ‘Made in Spain’, if the item has been designed and manufactured entirely in this country. This makes all the articles of the firms that join this initiative and meet the requirements will get these labels built, following the contribution of an annual quantity.


– 1. Origin. – 2. Activity. What fashion industry? – 3. Taxation. Tax residence in Spain (If you meet these three requirements the firm may choose to label ‘Designed in Spain’). -4. Manufacturing. If your products are manufactured entirely in Spain, you can also choose to label ‘Made in Spain’.

The implementation of these labels is part of an initiative whose main objective is the appreciation of the Spanish fashion industry, and to encourage the localization and internationalization of national fashion industry.

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