Roselinde allies with Beatriz de la Rosa to expand their range of jewelry and accessories for spring summer

Thus was born Roselinde y de la Rosa, that goes by the hand of Tenerife Moda to offer convenience and versatility for Summer days.

04.28.2015. The firm Roselinde, which belongs to the Tenerife Moda program, launches its new collection of jewelry and accessories and takes another step in its bid for the spring of 2015 by the graphic designer Beatriz de la Rosa, with versatile and comfortable clothing  for hot days, creating the new brand Roselinde y de la Rosa.

This firm from Tenerife Moda adds another set of parts to its range of multifunctional elements. Its new proposals can be used as dresses or shirts, and have a wide neckline which is decorated with Roselinde necklaces showing off both the back or front, in caftan style. Similarly, these accessories can be detached from the garment and be worn independently.

The collection is complemented with vests bearing an ethnic print in  fluorine and fringed shades, in line with the ‘Boho by Roselinde’ collection for this season, inspired by Woodstock 69.

It is worth mentioning that the contribution of the graphic designer Beatriz de la Rosa in this collection is the creation of original prints, through illustration, rescuing that essence of the 69  using effects such as expressive abstraction or chromatic aberration both carried by the garments with the sublimation technique, patterns in line with the inspiration of the Roselinde accesories collection. It is a creative fusion that will be relevant this spring and summer.

Both Roselinde and Roselinde y de la Rosa participated in the III Fashion professionals Conference held from 17 to 19 April at the showgrounds, and the island became the capital of fashion and trends.

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