Tenerife Moda from the Cabildo attends to Momad Metropolis with nine new firm

The International Fair of Textile, Footwear & Accessories starts tomorrow, Sunday 8 and will be attended by professionals in over 69 countries

Tenerife- 02/07/2015. The Cabildo will participate from tomorrow [Sunday, 8] until Tuesday [10th] at the fair Momad Metropolis, attended by nine firms from the Collective Tenerife Moda. This is the International Exhibition of Textile, Footwear and Accessories organized by Feria de Madrid and is expecting more than 23,940 professionals in 69 countries and 250 journalists who will hear proposals from a total of 900 firms.

The financial vice-president of the Cabildo, Efrain Medina, highlights that the importance of  “the work of these representatives of Tenerife is exposed to the greatest showcase of fashion and trends in Spain”. Thus, states that “our companies have the opportunity to show the quality and value of their work.”

ASantiniThe Vice-president, also counselor responsible for the insular Department of Employment, Economic Development, Trade and External Action reminded that this participation “is included as part of the ‘Emprendemoda’ initiative of the Cabildo, which is a way for marketing”. He adds that “is a commitment to innovation, because while it recovers and promotes crafts in danger of disappearing, also favors the entrepreneurship.”


The artisans who will showcase their creations in Madrid work with accessories, textiles and recycled material. The firms are: Anastasia, Claudia Kurzweil, DV Bistutería, Santini, Trama Textil & Maru.Anastasia

Joining them will also be the firms: Magdala, Silver Point and Culito from Spain.

Collections inspired on sensuality, combining jewelry and plastic work. Creating ethereal spaces that tell a story. The pieces, through color combinations, move to different atmospheres with the intention of combining a sober and bold direction at a time.

For evening Anastasia propose a more vintage style, absorbing from art deco and art nouveau. Short necklaces hugging the neck, suggestive headdresses. And this season’s new piece: a tiara for weddings or special occasions.

Claudia Kurzweil
She presents exclusively for the audience of MOMAD Metropolis Madrid, International Exhibition of fashion and accessories, the collection for next season Autumn Winter, in which commitment contrasts of warm and cold materials. The textures and warmth of felted wool for the female line, and the strength of leather and wood for gentlemen.
Based on a philosophy of creating unique and customized pieces for unique people with personality, Claudia Kurzweil – jewelry & design- offers new pieces in limited editions, for her and for him, signed and numbered.

DV Bisutería
Decovitral is a glass handicraft workshop located in La Villa de Tegueste, specializing in Tiffany, Fusing and other techniques. His artisan is Fran Delgado. Since 2012 he works on creating his own line of jewelry, baptized with the name DV Bisutería. It is about original pieces designed by Clara G. Bredy, with trendsetting patterns of fashion, but essentially they pursue the timelessness of well made things.
Their creations are made one by one, through the fusion of glass of different colors. Thus, the development and testing have resulted in a shipping of eighteen women’s collections as well as brooches, cufflinks, tie clasps and bracelets for the gentleman.

This time DV Jewellery presents a collection that includes pieces from Squared, Tribal and Millefiori made with leather, metal alloy and molten glass in various colors. They will show their collection ‘for men’ of twins and bracelets.

Presenting a collection that is the result of a search for molten glass, working with metal wires forming winding lines and asymmetric compositions. All this, inspired by the sea. Thus, the colors cover various shades of light, dark and turquoise. Its highlights include large and small pendants, big and sinuous earrings, big rings and prominent bracelets.

Trama Textil
The Trama Textiles workshop, dedicated to the handloom, presents for next autumn-winter a collection of shawls, scarves and ‘ponchaqs’, a new concept that mixes ponchos and jackets. The materials used to weave are primarily wool and cotton. Colors like ocher and orange, blue and raw, red and magenta combine to color the winter in a collection called ‘Gorse’.

Maru combines craftsmanship, sustainable design and eco-manufacturing. Thus, the collection presented is made entirely of recycled paper and cardboard. She proposes wide bracelets, big, flashy earrings, bib type pendants and long necklaces. They are decorated with Italian floral and filigree handmade papers in a typical Florentine style along with ancient and novel papers in blue, pink and lilac.

This new Spring-Summer 2015 appears fresher, freer and brings a folk-boho air. A trend that goes back to the roots of the far west, where the turquoise, feather, lace and tusk ornaments were indispensable in indigenous tribes that have continued over the years (in the early folk of the 70s and now in a more subtle and bohemian way).
A palette with bright, vibrant, optimistic and cool colors: turquoise, green grass, lilac, strawberry and orange, combined with brown, sand and gold.

A folk explosion with geodes, stones and metals surrounded with rocks and XS corals and Swarovskis which form the main part of the collar. Large medallions hanging from braided suede cords. Coins, feathers, fangs, stones and converted rings. Gold bib necklace with multicolored pendants and long necklaces with rings and crimped fabric-covered pieces with stones.
Silver Point
For next Spring-Summer season 2015 designer Ana Carol Morgan presents the Eternity Collection. It is inspired by ancient Egypt and one of its most representative symbols: The Ank cross. This cross symbolizes eternal life for Egyptian culture.

Similarly, the jewels are made of 925 silver with rhodium, yellow gold and rose gold and shiny finishing.

This collection consists of unisex pieces like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, mounted on chains or leather laces. All pieces are made by hand, so they are unique jewels.
Culito from Spain
Their new collection ‘The hottest summer SS15’, is inspired by the earth, flowers, bike rides, breakfast and Mediterranean breezes from the beaches in the Canaries. In it, the trends are melted and blended into urban clothes without age limits.