The Cabildo elects the finalists of Young Designers Contest.

The jury has decided that in this new edition five will be the number of proposals competing for the prize

Tenerife – 01.29.2015. The jury appointed to select finalists of the VII Young Designers Contest, organized by the Cabildo of Tenerife through the insular area of Economic Development, chose this afternoon [Thursday 29] six young talent amongst more than 20 participants who were presented at this year’s event. The economic vice president, Efrain Medina, highlighted that the excellent quality of designs has led the jury to designate these finalists.

The elected, who will be showing their designs on 16th April at the Centro Internacional de Ferias y Congresos de Tenerife are Andrés Jarabo Moreno (Zaragoza), Paloma  Navarro Ramón (Almería), José Gabriel Muñoz Arco (Almería), María Isabel Fajardo Arjona and Roberto Caro Maldonado (Granada) and Juan Carlos Hernández Alegría (Santa Cruz).

The jury was formed by Rubén González, photographer and fashion stylist; Isaac Tacoronte, journalist; Lucas Balboa, designer; Marco and Maria Diaz Marrero, designers; Juan Carlos Armas, designer; Mónica Ledesma, journalist; Ricardo Cologan, manager of the Insular Crafts Company; José E. Sánchez Giusepe, director of Tenerife Moda; Juan Castañeda, stylist; Aaron Darias, footballer and fashion blogger; Francisco Olivas,  head of department of Textile at PIFC Las Indias; Cristina Hernández, director of the digital magazine Más que tendencias; Samuel Cabrera, designer and co-funder of Tenerife Design Festival and director of Tenerife Design Week; Armando Pinedo,  director of communications for CIO-Compañía de las Islas Occidentales; Isabel Mendez, Empresa Insular de Artesanía (Crafts) and Lemanczyk Waldemar Paz, treasurer and member of Tenerife DI-CA Association of Designers and Design Companies of the Canaries.

At the time of selection, the jury mainly praised the originality, quality and creativity of the designs submitted, along with innovation and market adaptability and its viability as a commercial product. After the meeting, Efraín Medina stressed that this contest, beyond the spectacle that involves the staging of the designs on the catwalk “represents a business opportunity for these young designers, as has been already experienced by the winners in the past”.

Medina emphasized that “the main goal of this contest is to encourage the emergence of new values in the design of fashion and textiles. We aim to encourage all young designers so they can start their career in the field of fashion design and thus support an industry, such as textiles and clothing, which has already established itself as a strong and dynamic sector “.

The economic vice president finally recalls that “this event has become nationwide and that most of the participants who reached the final in previous editions already worked in textiles or entrepreneurial projects related to fashion, advised by the area of Economic Development of this island Corporation . ”


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