The Cabildo prepares the III Professional Days of Fashion.

The economic vice president, Efrain Medina, met with representatives of the Collective Tenerife Moda.

Tenerife- 28/02/2015. The vice president of Employment, Economic Development and External Affairs, Efrain Medina, met today [Friday 27], with representatives of the companies that form Tenerife Moda to determine the functioning and objectives of the III Professional Days of Fashion, held at the International Center of Fair and Conferences in April.

Efraín Medina stated that “at this meeting, which brings together professionals from the fashion and textile sector, attendees can enjoy shopping parades, exhibition fairs, competitions of young designers, photo competitions, training in textiles, newcomers, alternative designers and new concepts of entrepreneurship and SME companies. ”

The economic vice president thanked the support of the entire sector and hoped that this third edition “becomes relevant in the Atlantic zone regarding marketing in the textile sector.” Similarly, he noted that “in this initiative, now in its third edition, the council aims to facilitate the marketing of the products of these companies that are committed to Tenerife Moda at its finest”.

Correspondingly, he recalled that “Tenerife Moda was established to promote industrial development, encourage the creation of new jobs and boost the levels of competitiveness, productivity and technological development”. “It is a real and tangible means of support – he affirmed for each of its partners, to offer advice and assistance, and to encourage them to participate in all initiatives in the sector”.

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