Tenerife Moda promotes industrial development.

The group celebrates its 20 years and closes 2014 with 46 companies and 50 brands

– 16/1/2015.Tenerife Moda reinforces this year the industrial development in a series of actions among which there’s the participation in various national and international fairs for the autumn-winter: Bisutex, Fimi, Panorama, Who’s Next, Pitti Bimbo, Ciff Kids, ISPO Munich, Iberjoya, Moma Metropolis, Basilea, Bread and Butter, Tranoi Femme, Bridal Week and Costura España.

The economic vice president, Efrain Medina, said that this year, when Tenerife Moda celebrates its 20th anniversary, he highlights the continued growth of this project. “Proof of this are the companies that have decided to be part of this group along this time, which closed 2014 with 46 companies and 50 brands, 10 sectors, 9 companies under observation and 5 workshops to third partners, assigned to the program. They are a combination of talent, intuition, imagination, inspiration, business entrepreneurship, financial and industrial work” he says.

To Medina, “when it comes to fashion and creativity, we need to define both the process that generates new ideas, trends, lines and colors presented on each season, as well as business channels that transform these ideas into a developed economic value”.

In turn, the director of Tenerife Moda, José Eugenio Sánchez Giusepe explains that, aware of the need to find ways to enhance the competitiveness of their products, “from the sector institutions, from which continues to insist on the importance of intangibles in fashion, and many companies are betting strongly on factors such as creativity, design and quality in the framework of fashion. We have witnessed a rapid transformation in this sector, that has reached the textile and clothing industry as a whole and has forced many companies to restructure, to modify their strategies or even close their doors.” In this sense, he and Vice President Efraín Medina are clear that only you can fight from work, creativity, constant updating and being “closer to our group of entrepreneurs.”

To Tenerife Moda it has always been a need to strengthen relations with all members of this sector. A very beneficial action, as it’s transmitted every day by retailers, manufacturers, designers, exhibition organizers, associations, etc.

The collective of the Cabildo is composed by a group of companies, designers and brands that are currently present on the market. At the same time it supports new entrepreneurs, ensuring a standard of quality and competitiveness in all brands.

Tenerife Moda present itself as a solid program, gathering today a set of textile industries already established in the market, with its own design and designers from Tenerife. The purpose is to associate an image of quality to the local production and provide them with a common perception that facilitates the marketing of their products, making them competitive at national and international level.

Their goals are promoting Industrial development, Encouraging the creation of new jobs and Stimulate the levels of Competitiveness, productivity and technological development.


Annual Fashion Fairs.

BISUTEX  Madrid January 2015

FIMI Madrid January 2015

PANORAMA Berlín January 2015

WHOS NEXT Paris January 2015

Pitti Bimbo Florence January 2015

CIFF KIDS Copenhague January 2015

ISPO MUNICH February 2015

IBERJOYA Madrid February 2015

MOMA METROPOLIS  Madrid February 2015

BASILEA Suiza marzo February 2015






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